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10 interesting facts about cats

interesting facts about cats
10 interesting facts about cats

10 interesting facts about cats

Cats are among the oldest pets that humans have domesticated, and today they are a part of our daily life. Let's get some facts and information about this pet that lives among us.

1- Cats have internal GPS systems

Most cats can find their way home if they get lost outside, even if the distance is a bit too far.

2- The Postman Cat

In Belgium in 1879, cats were used to deliver mail to the villages, where 37 cats were trained to do this task, but that idea did not work as it was later found that the cats were not disciplined enough to keep the matter. Read also: Cats love to hunt: it's in their genes.

3- Invent the cat door

Sir Isaac Newton, discoverer of the principles of gravity, was the inventor of the domestic cat door.

10 interesting facts about cats

4- No sand required

Cats can be trained to use the toilet and flush out feces as well.

5- Strong emotions

Cats have emotions similar to human emotions, although experts disagree about the depth and scope of these feelings, research confirms that cats feel different emotions such as: happiness, arousal, fun, depression, anger. Read also: Guiness World Records involving cats.

6- acrobatic abilities

Cats can jump five times their length.

10 interesting facts about cats

7- cats' tails reveal a lot about them

Domestic cats only walk with their tails straight, while wild cats extend their tails horizontally or make them tucked between their legs while walking. The tail also reveals the cat’s mood by raising it to the top and moving it if it wants to play, and as for lowering it towards the ground and moving it with slight vibrations it is In a bad mood and you'd better stay away from her.

8- Cats take care of themselves too much

Studies have found that cats spend up to 30% of their waking hours cleaning themselves.

10 interesting facts about cats

9- Beware of a cat bite

Doctors confirm that the cat's bite may be dangerous if neglected. Veterinarian Peter Muller says: “A cat bite can lead to a serious bacterial infection, and although it is easy to treat with penicillin, but if it is left untreated, especially in the elderly, it is It is possible that they damage the immune system and lymph nodes, which in rare cases leads to death. Read also: Amazing facts about cats are unknown to many.

10- Cats occupy the world

There are more than 500 million domestic cats in the world, divided into 33 different breeds. For more information about interesting facts about cats, Click here.

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