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Homemade Cat Food ultimate guide: Everything you should know

Homemade Cat Food ultimate guide
Homemade Cat Food

Homemade Cat Food ultimate guide

Many people have begun to realize that store-bought food be may not be the best option for pets. And they returning to homemade cat food. Dry pellets contain very little water, causing problems with urination, and contain insects and bacteria that can be harmful to your pet.

This has led to an increase in homemade cat food, with owners hoping to improve the health of their pets through the quality of their food. Dr Lisa Pierson warns, however, that owners should research the dietary requirements of their pets before using homemade cat food, as a lack of essential nutrients in a pet’s diet can be fatal. Read also: Commercial Cat Food is Killing Your Cat.

Concerns regarding homemade cat food

The rise of raw foods for pets has raised many concerns from health experts and it is important to properly research any new diet before feeding it to your pets. Making an informed decision is crucial to the wellbeing of your pet.
  • As a basic requirement, cats need the following in their diet daily: protein (from fish or meat), fatty acids, vitamins, amino acids (from fish or meat), water and minerals.
  • Cats are carnivorous and will need most of their meals to comprise of meat, but rice and eggs are acceptable in small quantities too. Variety is the spice of life and your cat deserves no less.
  • Meat should be alternated daily to allow for more nutrients and a balanced diet. Many people suggest mixing meats together for unique flavors.
  • Animal fat is just as important as meat, and this should not be neglected. Every animal needs water to survive, so ensure that your cat is well hydrated.
  • While cats can eat most meats, there are other foods which can pose serious health threats to cats. These foods include garlic, grapes, raw egg white, tomatoes, raisins and onions. Chocolate is one of the worst foods to share with your four-legged companion, be it a dog or cat.

To ensure that your cat receives the necessary dietary requirements each day, here is a guideline of what to include in each meal:
  • 83 grams of Protein.
  • 50 grams of Carbohydrates.
  • 30 grams of fibre.
  • ¼ teaspoon Fat (optional)
  • 7 grams (unless stated otherwise) of added supplements.

You will notice that supplements are added to many homemade pet foods as it is often difficult to include all the nutrients your pet needs. This ensures that they do not suffer from any deficiencies. Processed pet foods add these supplements to fulfill dietary requirements, but many see the negative side effects as not worth the risk. Homemade food aims to provide all the nutrients found in processed foods without the health disadvantages. Read also: Cat Food - Homemade vs. Commercial.

Provide essential nutrients in homemade cat food

Homemade cat food can be classified as raw or uncooked. Many people (and their pets) follow a Raw Food diet in which they only eat raw, uncooked food, as the name suggests. Pet owners feed their companions meat, bones and organs to provide essential protein, often saying that their pets are healthier as a result.

There are financial benefits to this as well, as freezing portions of meat allow owners to shop less frequently and make the most of their meat. This is unlike processed or cooked foods which expire with time. Raw foods are perfectly safe for kittens, provided that they are old enough to eat solids.

Processed foods face harsh criticism by pet owners, and Dr Lisa Pierson says that, “I found that I was getting more and more frustrated with the species-inappropriate and low quality ingredients found in most commercial foods” and easily made the switch to homemade food.

Processed foods are often dry, and contain ingredients that are not necessarily good for your cat. Owners who have tried to wean their cats off of processed food have found it difficult and say that their pets are addicted to the store-bought meals. The potential dangers of processed foods can be seen in the recalling of several pet foods that have led to disease and even death.

Diseases among Cats

Many people see the increase in feline disease as a result of processed foods. It is always wise to research any foods that you are feeding your pets, and there is a certain peace of mind that comes with preparing the food yourself. With adequate research and careful planning, owners could help their cats lead longer, healthier lives.

Suppose you choose to go with homemade cat food, get warned

By making homemade cat food is the exacting and very time- consuming process. Striking right balance of the ingredients, including minerals and vitamins, and properly storing food are very important critical for healthy and happy animal.

Being an obligate carnivore, the cats need:
  • Amino acids such as taurine or arginine (from fish or meat)
  • Protein from fish or meat.
  • Vitamins.
  • Fatty acids.
  • Water.
  • Minerals.
Carbohydrates like corn and rice in the small amounts are good, however they are not necessary for cat’s diet. But, modest amount of the carbs may provide some useful energy & reduce cost of the home cooked diet. The nutrition guidelines for the cats are accessible very easily on internet.

Homemade cat food: Risks and Rewards

Raw meat diets actually are not very safe and nutritionally sound. Some association has warned against risk of the salmonella poisoning to cat & human members of household. Thus, feeding cats raw meat diet leaves a lot of room for the variables, one more reason that doctor doesn’t advocate this diet. Potential for the slip-up is also high if owner is not in town and food is kept out very long, or suppose he substitutes an ingredient for other. Read also: Information about cat food.

She also says it’s cheaper than the higher-quality of canned food & will take owner of 2 cats about 2 hours month to make. Suppose you cannot find supportive veterinarian or you are very determined to get raw, then go on internet and get the detail information for the same.

Veterinary Medicine, also warn against homemade cat food because of importance of getting right quantity or proportions of the nutrients.

Healthy Homemade Cat Food Recipes


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