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Raw food diet for cats Ultimate guide: Health benefits and how to feed

Raw food diet for cats Ultimate guide
Raw food diet for cats

Raw food diet for cats Ultimate guide

In this article we will learn about: raw food diet for cats. Raw food diets have become increasingly popular due to the fact that raw food is unprocessed and has fewer added ingredients that are harmful to humans. People have taken this trend to their pet food bowls, introducing raw food diet for cats and dogs.

The website rawfed advocates the feeding of raw food to our pets as they believe it is healthier and more similar to what animals would be eating in the wild. The website stresses, however, that the food must be fresh as cats cannot digest food that is not. There certain things you should know about raw food diet for cats. Read also: Homemade Cat Food ultimate guide: Everything you should know.

Things you should know about raw food diet for cat

  • Cats are carnivores and often hunt small mammals or amphibians for sport. The Raw Food diet aims to provide cats with a diet they are naturally predisposed to: raw meat. For those wanting to introduce this diet to their cat, there are several food options for you to try.
  • Cats can eat most meats, including: quail, lamb, venison, turkey, duck, mouse, chicken, beef, pork, fish, rabbit, goat and rats. They can also eat various organs as well as eggs and rice. Cow kidney, liver and heart are especially nutritious, and most meats can be minced together to create interesting new flavors.
  • It should be noted that meat must be served warm, as cats cannot eat frozen food. To heat food, it is recommended that you allow frozen food to thaw overnight, or place the meat in a ziploc bag submerged in lukewarm water.
  • Microwaves and boiling water cannot be used as this will cook the meat. When serving the food, some people feel that the meat should be arranged in a way that resembles how it would look in the wild. This is the choice of the pet owner.
  • Experts suggest that for kittens, several small meals should be served each day. As the cat grows, it is advised that cat should be weaned to two or one meal a day depending on the cat’s appetite.
  • A good benchmark of how much a cat should be eating daily is 2 to 3 percent of their body weight. If you notice your cat losing or gaining weight, adjust their portions accordingly. Read also: Raw Meat Diet Is Best For Cat’s Health.

Here are 5 health benefits of Raw food diet for cats

  • It improves oral health. Enzymes found in raw meat are beneficial to oral hygiene, and chewing on bones helps to scrape off plaque.
  • It improves their digestion. A Raw diet is much more easily digested than processed food. The increased chewing involved with raw meat and bones activates the digestive system which helps to digest food faster. Excrement will become less odorous and frequency of excretion will decrease.
  • Their immune systems become stronger. Natural essential fatty acids and nutrients help to build up the immune system, making your cat less likely to fall ill.
  • Cats that enjoy raw diets have more energy and often have leaner bodies, allowing them to be more active.
  • Their coats will be shinier and healthier thanks to the increase in nutrient intake

There are a lot of different choices while it comes about deciding out what to feed the cats as well as there is no real right and wrong answer. Every cat is very unique as well as responds to every diet very differently. Many cat owners are now turning to the raw food diet as well as it is very easy to see it why. There’re many benefits to feeding the raw.

No matter whether you are preparing your homemade raw meals and buying the packaged raw from feed store, cat is possible receiving amazing benefits.

High Oral Health

The raw food diet for cats also has oral health benefits.The raw diets are best method to keep the cat’s oral health at tip-top shape. By chewing on the raw, the meaty bones may scrape the plaque or tartar off of the cat’s teeth as well as e enzymes found at raw meat may help to keep the mouth clean. Read also: The Finest Meals Dietary supplement For Cat.

Better Digestion

The raw meat & bones are been digested faster than the kibbles or other commercial foods. Gnawing needed for chewing the raw meaty bones also activates digestive tract before food gets inside, and making it very simple to digest food once it is eaten. Feeding the raw diet may improve the bowel movements, making this less frequent as well as less smelly. It is because the cat is digesting much more nutrients as well as has less waste of getting rid of it later.

Good Immune System

This 5th health benefits of raw food diet for cats. The raw diets are been packed of nutrients as well as occurring important fatty acids that actually strengthen their immune system. Lots of cat owners have also found that the sick pets have got improved highly even after short period of getting fed raw diet. It is because essential fatty acids will ease the inflammation as well as infection brought about by the weak immune systems.

How to feed raw food diet to kittens

Kittens are the easiest age to introduce this diet to as they have no other or barely any preference. Once a kitten is old enough to eat solids, offer them diced, boneless chicken. Allow them to become familiar with the dish, but encourage them to eat if necessary.

This can be done by sprinkling tuna juice over the meat. To acclimatize the kitten to raw meat, feed it boneless meat for a week or so. Next, introduce chicken bones or game hen bones to their diet. Once the kitten is used to this, organs can be introduced. Read also: 13 Unexpected foods Your Cat Should Never Eat: Milk,Tuna.

Feeding raw food diet for cats

Older cats are more difficult to feed as they have already become used to store-bought food. Many older cats will prefer the processed foods as they are seen as addicted to the high carbohydrate content. To ween older cats to raw food, try introducing a strict feeding schedule first.

This establishes a clear eating time. Next, test to see if your cat will eat raw chicken as a treat and If it does, try feeding it a raw meal. Your cat might not like this immediately, but alternate meals from raw to processed, then just raw. Your cat will become used to eating raw food in this way. For more information about raw food diet for cats, Click here.

How to prep raw cat food


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