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The Tips and Tricks of Toilet Training Cats


The Tips and Tricks of Toilet Training Cats
The Tips and Tricks of Toilet Training Cats

The Tips and Tricks of Toilet Training Cats

Ask all cat owners and they’ll say in unison what activity they hate about having a cat at home. And that activity has a lot to do with cleaning their cat’s littler box for sure. It will be a compounded problem for sure, if there is more than just one cat in your home. In that case, the nuisance can easily double or triple. That’s not yet mentioning all the smelly hazards and its potential harmful effects for women who are pregnant. Surely, there are a lot of cat owners out there lamenting about the daily task of cleaning the cat box. Wouldn’t it be more wonderful if cats can clean after their boxes? Or better yet, wouldn’t it be nicer if cats can be trained to use the toilet instead?

You don’t think it’s possible? Well it is. Training your cat to use the toilet is very possible indeed. However, the take would require a lot of time and patience both for you and for your cat. It could take you weeks to months to accomplish such a feat. However, for cat owners who are bent to the whole task of training their cat and teaching them the correct method of using the toilet, there’s that huge possibility of forgetting about clearing the cat litter box altogether. Read also: Teach Your Cat To Use Toilet

Start the whole process by moving the cat litter box a step closer to the toilet everyday. Eventually, you have to put a bowl with the litter over the toilet seat until you can remove it altogether. This is a slow, step-by-step process indeed. A lot of people advise putting newspaper inside the box to serve as bedding as you don’t want the litter ending up in your toilet as that would cause all sorts of plumbing problems later on. Basically, you can do what you think is best for your cat and you.

The advantages of toilet-training cats are so many. First, it cuts down the need to buy cat litter packs. Cat litters are needed because they can somewhat eliminate the odor of cat urine and feces. Surely, nobody wants to go home to a place reeking of cat waste. And that’s another notable benefit of toilet training cats. Your home will smell fresh all the time. Apart from no longer having to deal with dirty cat boxes, there will absolutely no smell to worry about. Your life is easier now that your cat can use the toilet in the way that you do. Read also: How to Train Cats for the Toilet?

However, there are some disadvantages to this whole process as well. Everybody knows that cats have this tendency to cover-up their waste. They won’t be able to that anymore with all the toilet training practices. For several cats, this can be another problem to work out on. Another problem is regarding slipping.  Toilet seats can be a little too slippery. And if your pet accidentally falls and slips right into the toilet, it would be harder for you to make go near it again, much more use them.

Toilet training a cat has a lot to do with your cat’s personality and your patience as its owner. Some cats will catch on much faster than the others, especially the ones that are laid back. However, a high-strung, nervous cat could be a problem because they are the ones most resistant to changes. Take your time in teaching your cat the trick of using the toilet. And do it at its own pace and time. Don’t get too angry and yell at your pet whenever you’re not getting the results that you want. Anger and fear associated to training rarely work. Read also: Why Should You Toilet Train Your Cat?