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Napoleon Cat Breed (also called Minuet)

napoleon cat personality
Napoleon Cat


The Napoleon (also called Minuet), is a breed of cat with short legs, just like the munchkin, with a long coat, like the Persian

An American basset breeder, Joseph Smith, is believed to be the origin of the Napoleon breed. History would like it to be inspired by the Wall Street Journal of June 12, 1995, displaying a munchkin on the front page. This caught his attention, but he noticed however that the munchkin kittens with long legs (without the mutation of the short legs) had no trait that distinguished them from other domestic cats. He therefore decided to create a unique cat both in its short-legged and long-legged version. He chooses the Persian to cross with the munchkin, for his lush coat. 

In January 2015, the TICA Steering Committee voted to change the name of the breed to Minuet. The breed group is still recognized by the Cat Fanciers Federation under the name of Napoleon. However, it is not recognized by the American Cat Fanciers Association or the Cat Fancier's Association. Read also: Australian Mist Cat Breed Information.

Physical characteristics of the Napoleon cat 

  • He is of medium height with a solid body. His chest is wide and his shoulders are firm. Her hips are solid and firm as well. It has small, short, strong legs. Its hind legs are longer than the front legs. 
  • He may have short or long haired coat. Long hairs are both very dense and very silky. All dress colors including authorized. 
  • It has a broad, round and short head, carried on a strong and short neck. Her cheeks are alsofull and round . It has a short, rounded muzzle and its nose is short and broad. 
  • His eyes can be of any color. 
  • The ears are small or even medium in size. 

Napoleon cat character 

He has an extremely affectionate and gentle personality. He is very sociable, confident and peaceful . He likes to be cuddled and to be taken care of. It is a dynamic cat and very curious . 

Maintenance of the Napoleon cat 

It must be brushed and combed regularly because of its fairly large undercoat. It loses a lot of hair when the winter-spring season changes. So be careful with the knots. For more details and information about napoleon cat breed, click here.

Napoleon Cat Breed Facts


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