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Australian Mist Cat Breed

Australian Mist Cat Breed Information
Australian Mist Cat

Australian Mist Cat Breed Information

Australian Mist cats were first bred in Australia by Dr. Truda Straede. Like many cat breeds, the name has changed over time; this breed was formerly called Spotted Mist up until 1998. It was bred by crossing Abyssinian and Burmese cats with domestic shorthair cats with the goal of creating a cat with short hair and a spotted coat. Australian Mist kittens are generally healthy and can live into their late teen years. They are general between 9 and 15 ½ pounds.

As stated earlier, Australian Mist kittens are shorthaired; other characteristics are their medium size, round head and large, expressive green eyes. Although their fur is short, it is more resilient than that of other shorthaired cat breeds. Australian Mist cats can have fur that is blue, brown, chocolate, gold, lilac or peach. Their fur is usually in one of two patterns: either intricate marbled swirls or delicate spots, both of which are on a misty background. Both their tail and legs are barred and ringed and they have lined faces. These spots are what originally gave them the name Spotted Mist.

Australian Mist kittens are lively, but calm down as they get older. They are great for all ages, including very small children, as they generally do not scratch and do not mind being held. This is one of the very affectionate cat breeds that love spending time with their humans. Their love of human contact means that Australian Mist cats prefer to be indoor cats so they have the option of curling up in your lap at a moment’s notice. When looking up information on your new kitten, don’t forget to look up Spotted Mist kittens as well as the name change only took place about 14 years ago. Read also: Egyptian Mau Cat Breed Information.

Australian Mist Temperament

The Australian Mist temperament is:

  • Tolerant.
  • Lively.
  • Intelligent.
  • caring.
  • Attention seeking.

Australian Mist's make very good pets as they are very tolerant resulting in them being very good with children of all ages. This is helped by the fact they are un inclined to use their claws.

They love human contact and will happily find the nearest lap to curl up on without having been invited. The Australian Mist can make a great pet for an invalid or someone who works at home.

Where does the Australian Mist come from?

The Australian mist was bred in Australia in 1976 by Dr Truda Straede. This was achieved by cross breeding the Burmese, Abyssinian and Domestic shorthair cats. This was to creat a shorthaired cat with spots on its coat. The name was originally the Spotted Mist but changed in 1998 to the Australian Mist.

What type of Body does the Australian Mist have?

The Australian Mist body characteristics include:

What type of coat does an Australian Mist have?

The Australian Mist has a coat that contains 3 levels with the first being the ground color, being more pale than the second layer that contains the pattern. The pattern is distinctive from the ground color with the third being a misted veil created by random ticking within solid colored areas. The legs and tail contain a ringed or barred pattern with the face and neck containing light lines of color. Colors found on an Australian mist include:

  • Brown.
  • Blue.
  • Chocolate.
  • Lilac.
  • Caramel.
  • Gold.
  • Peach.

Food the Australian Mist eats

The Australian Mist will eat a normal everyday cat food, diet is very important so you may like to consult your vet for further information.

Is the Australian Mist an indoor or outdoor cat?

As the Australian Mist loves human contact, they make great indoor pets and are happy to be kept that way. They will also be capable of looking after them self's if let out. For more Information about australian mist cat breed, Click here.

Australian Mist Cat facts


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