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Javanese Cat Breed

Javanese Cat Breed Information
Javanese Cat

Javanese Temperament

Javanese cats are:
  • Highly intelligent.
  • Playful.
  • Vocal.
  • Graceful.
  • Affectionate.

If you’re looking for a cat with character you could not go far wrong with a Javanese. A highly intelligent cat, you will know you have one in your home. Vocal, she will let you know when it is dinner time or time for playing.

She will happily ride on your shoulders, thoroughly enjoys a game of fetch, can be taught to find treats in pockets and if allowed will even share your bed. Highly trainable, if they don’t train you first. This cat is clever and a problem solver so watch your drawers and cupboards, they are more than capable of infiltrating these areas and exploring to their hearts content. Read also: Nebelung Cat Breed Information.

Where does the Javanese come from?

The Javanese cat originates from breeding a Siamese and Balinese cat. They have the characteristic temperament of the parent breeds and are a lovely breed to own.

What type of Body does the Javanese have i.e. coat, patterns etc?

The Javanese cat body characteristics include:
  • A medium sized cat.
  • Long, slim body and slim legged cat.
  • Fine bones and firm muscles.
  • Missing the downy undercoat, the fine, silky, medium length coat is exceptionally soft.
  • Round slightly slanted eyes.

History of the Javanese

The Javanese cat originates from Japan and is crossed between the Balinese and Siamese cats. The major difference is the Javanese cat comes in dozens of colors. Maintaining the silky feel of the Balinese and the grace and beauty of Siamese the Javanese was named for an island off of the coast of Bali called Java.

Food the Javanese eats?

The Javanese cat will eat normal cat foods whether it’s a tined food or biscuit. You must always follow recommended feeding guidelines for your breed of cat. In this case it is imperative that you watch the Javanese cat’s diet as they are prone to becoming overweight particularly as they are an indoor cat. Read also: Devon Rex Cat Breed Information.

Is the Javanese an indoor or outdoor cat?

The Javanese cat is definitely an indoor cat, due to breeding certain instincts have been lost such as fighting and homing.

Does the Javanese have health problem?

The Javanese cat will need to have its health monitored as it shares genes with the Balinese and Siamese cats. These defects include deafness, joint problems, arthritis, hip displacement and cross eye but as with all pets she will benefit from annual health checks to make sure kidney and liver function are normal and also for any tooth decay from about 8 years onwards. For more details and information about javanese cat breed, click here.

Javanese Cat Facts


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