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Balinese Cat Breed

Balinese Cat Breed Information
Balinese Cat


Balinese kittens are one of the cat breeds with unknown beginnings, although most breeders agree that it most likely occurred when a Siamese in California gave birth to kittens with semi-long hair in the 1940s. In the 1950s, Siamese breeders from New York and California started intentionally breeding longhaired Siamese which are today’s Balinese cats. There are two varieties of Balinese: contemporary and traditional. Contemporary Balinese have a significantly shorter coat while traditional ones will have a coat that is about two inches in length over the entire body.


In terms of appearance, Balinese kittens look more like Siamese than they do any of the other cat breeds. In fact, they seem to be smaller versions of Siamese cats with the only difference being their coat length as Balinese cats will generally have a longer and silkier coat with a plumed tail. Although this is one of the kitty breeds that comes in a variety of colors, the only ones that are officially recognized are lilac point, chocolate point, blue point and seal point.

Balinese cats are one of the smaller kitty breeds with females usually weighing 5 to 6 pounds while their male counterparts weigh 7 to 8 pounds. They are one of the relatively healthy cat breeds and many live to age 20. Despite their longer fur, Balinese kittens do not shed as much as other breeds so they only need to be combed about once a week.


Despite being one of the very intelligent cat breeds, Balinese kittens are generally well behaved and are not prone to using their intelligence to get into trouble. They are also much less vocal and inquisitive than their Siamese cousins. Balinese cats do however love climbing and sitting on high places such as the top of doors or refrigerators so purchasing a cat tree if you adopt one is an excellent idea. Read also: Birman Cat Breed Information.

They are also one of the more social kitty breeds so they do best in homes where someone works from home or there are other pets for them to play with. While Balinese enjoy taking naps on their humans’ lap, they also enjoy activities such as playing fetch. Because of their good behavior and social nature, they are one of the kitty breeds that does best in a home with children or pets but a first time cat owner will not have a problem with them.

The Balinese is:

  • Playful.
  • Loves attention.
  • Likes human company.
  • Vocal and can be so for no apparent reason.
  • When irritated they rarely scratch.
  • When irritated they may moan, growl or even hiss.

The Balinese cat is a pretty laid back cat and will get along with many different animals. They are very smart and also get along well with dogs as they may curl up next to a dog and even let a dog groom them.

The Balinese is also very good with children and may play and be played with for hours however, they will not tolerate being mistreated so supervision over small children may be advised.

Where does the Balinese come from?

The Balinese cat is a Long haired Siamese cat. In the 1920s this long haired Siamese was given its own name, the Balinese.

What type of Body does the Balinese have i.e. coat, patterns etc?

The Balinese cat comes in two types, the modern and the traditional.

The modern Balinese is:

  • Slender.
  • Has large ears.
  • Short hair with a plumy tail.

The traditional Balinese is:

  • Heavier.
  • Robust.
  • Has small ears.
  • Hair is about 2inches long all over their bodies.

Both cat types have oriental looking eyes that are almond shaped in a sapphire blue colour. Read also: Oriental Cat Breed Information.

What type of coat does an Balinese have?

The Balinese cat's coat has a single layer that lays close to their body in the direction of their bottom. The colors include: seal point, lilac point, chocolate point and blue point.

Food the Balinese eats

The Balinese doesn't require a special diet however a healthy diet is important for a healthy lifestyle.

Is the Balinese an indoor or outdoor cat?

The Balinese can be both an indoor and an outdoor cat, if you wish to keep your cat inside they will be very comfortable and a lot more safe.

Does the Balinese have health problem?

On a hole the Balinese has no health problems. Some breed lines have had problems were their hind legs become weak with age and others have nasal problems were they become blocked and they are forced to breath through their mouths. For more Information about balinese cat breed, click here.

Balinese Cat Facts


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