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Chausie Cat Breed

Chausie Cat Breed Information
Chausie Cat Breed

Chausie Cat Breed Information

The Chausie is a new breed of feline accepted for registration and evaluation by TICA. The name “Chausie” comes from the scientific name for the Jungle Cat “Felis Chaus”. The breed is a hybridization or mixture of the Jungle Cat and household domestic short hair cats.

Although still in the developmental stage, there is a TICA approved Breed Standard which makes clear the goal of Chausie breeders to maintain the magnificent grace, size and aura of the Jungle Cat in combination with the temperament and eating habits of your favorite house cat.

Chausies range in size anywhere from about 14”-18” at the shoulder with males weighing between 15-20 pounds. Females are found to be slightly smaller. Because of the easily tamed and friendly nature of Jungle Cats, producing loving and sweet kittens is common even when they have high percentage of wild blood. At Monster Cattery we make sure that all hybrid kittens get plenty of socialization so they will make wonderful pets. In most cases they are brought up with a combination of feeding by their cat mother and a human mother with a tiny bottle.

Chausies (and all Jungle Cat Hybrids) are extremely active cats who will demand play time. Teaching Chausies to do tricks or play fetch is both fun and easy as they are so eager to please their human companions. They will come when you call them by name, greet you at the door when you come home and sit-up for treats. They display a remarkable sense of intelligence and can be quite mischievous. Never a dull moment! Read also: Cheetoh Cat Breed Information.

Chausies get along well with other felines in a household, as well as children and dogs.

While a Chausie is a Jungle Cat Hybrid, there are also several
other breeds or classifications of Jungle Cat Hybrids. In an effort
to produce the perfect pet that walks on the side …
Monster Cattery breeds Jungle Leopards.

These Jungle Cat Hybrids are conceived by mixing a Chausie with an American Bobtail. There are both Bobtail Jungle Leopards and Jungle Leopards, the only difference is (of course) the length of the tail.

Because of their spotted bellies, golden coats, ear tufts and (sometimes) shorter tails these hybrids are little Bobcat look-a-likes. Our hybrids are wonderful pets with a truly exotic look. We expect our hybrid kittens to mature into large golden cats ranging in size from 12-25 pounds.

The Jungle Cat is often referred to as the African Jungle Cat even though only 2 of 9 known subspecies are found in extreme Northern Africa. Commonly, Jungle Cats are found in Egypt, across the Middle East into Southern Asia and China.

Jungle Cats are also referred to as Swamp Cats, Reed Cats and Marsh Cats. Although Jungle Cats are not widely recognized in the United States, they are among the most prolific feline breeds in the world. In some places they are hunted as pests and in others for their coats. It takes 12 Jungle Cats to make a fur coat.

Some wild Jungle Cats were tamed in ancient Egypt. These cats were trained to hunt & retrieve wild fowl and have even been found mummified in Egyptian tombs. They are natural predators who move swiftly, usually at a trot. Jungle Cats can leap to great heights making them perfect bird hunters and virtually nothing in your home is out of reach.

Jungle Cats are distinguished by their long legs, large black ear tufts and build which is both sleek and muscular. Their fur is usually a sandy to golden brown, virtually unpatterened and ticked. They are also found in melanistic form (black or black with silver ticking) and very rarely silver. The only pattern on the coat is striping seen on the tail, legs and occasionally the throat.

Jungle babies are often born with all over spots or stripes which gradually fade as the kitten matures. Occasionally mature Jungle Cats are seen with very subtle all over spotting.

It should be noted that almost all male Chausies and Jungle Hybrids are sterile until they are 4 - 5 generations away from the Jungle Cat ancestor. With only females being fertile and able to reproduce, they are seldom sold to non-breeders and are considerably more expensive. Read also: Colorpoint Shorthair Cat Breed Information.

Chausie Temperament

The Chausie is:
  • Sweet natured.
  • Very affectionate.
  • Alert.
  • Intelligent.
  • Dog like.
  • Very loyal.
  • Loving.
  • Gets along well with other pets.
  • Athletic.
  • Fast.

Where does the Chausie come from?

The Chausie cat is a hybrid cat produced by breeding a wild cat from Asia, India or Sri Lanka and an Abyssinian. An Abyssinian is used as they have the same look and as active as the wild cats.

What type of Body does the Chausie have i.e. coat, patterns etc?

The Chausie is:
  • Can stand between 14 to 18 inches at their shoulders.
  • Tall.
  • Lean.
  • Very long.
  • Hind legs longer than the front.
  • Considered to be twice as tall as a domestic cat.
  • 2 or 3 times heavier than a domestic cat.
  • Colors include brown ticked tabby, solid and silver tip.

What type of coat does an Chausie have?

The Chausie coat is short to medium in length, dense and rather coarse. Read also: Ocicat Cat Breed Information.

History of the Chausie

The Chausie first appeared in the 1960's and 70's when breeding the wild and domestic cats began. The reason for the hybrids being introduced was to provide a wild looking cat that was domestic rather than trying to domesticate a wild cat. To begin with, many different domestic cats were used for breeding and now Abyssinian's and shorthair's are used as they are the closest looking to wild cats already.

In 1995, the International Cat Association gave the Chausie foundation registry status. By 2001, February, the Chausie breed made Evaluation status and in May 2003, made Advanced New Breed statues and competes in TICA shows.

Food the Chausie eats?

A healthy diet is very important. Make sure your Chausie has a wide range of healthy foods such as fish, biscuit and milk. Being a large hybrid cat, larges amounts of protein is important in keeping them strong.

Is the Chausie an indoor or outdoor cat?

The Chausie can be kept inside as long as they are given plenty of attention.

Does the Chausie have health problem?

The Chausie has no breed related illnesses, however regular trips to the vet can be helpful in maintaining good health. For more Information about chausie cat breed, click here.

Chausie Cat Facts


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