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Cheetoh Cat Breed

cheetoh cat breed information
Cheetoh Cat

Cheetoh Temperament

The Cheetoh cat breed is:
  • Social.
  • Loving.
  • Never hostile.
  • Gentle.
  • Safe with children.

Where does the Cheetoh come from?

The Cheetoh comes from breeding specific Bengal cats and Ocicat catsRead also: Somali Cat Breed Information.

What type of Body does the Cheetoh have i.e. coat, patterns etc?

The Cheetoh is:
  • Muscular.
  • Athletic.
  • Large cat.
  • Large eyes.
  • Large ears.

Colors include:
  • Black/Brown spotted Sienna.
  • Black/Brown spotted Tan.
  • Black Spotted Smoke.
  • Black Spotted Silver.
  • Lynx Pointed, Gold Spotted Snow.

What type of coat does an Cheetoh have?

The Cheetoh's coat is very short, thick and shiny while being very sleek, soft and velvety.

History of the Cheetoh?

The Cheetoh is a hybrid cat created by breeding: Asian Leopard Cat, Domestic Cat creating the Bengal Cat that is then breed with a Ocicat that was created by breeding a Siamese, Abyssinian and American Short hair cat.

It began in 2001 when Carol Drymon wished to creat a wild looking cat with a domestic temperament. By 2005 she was supervising interested breeders in developing the hybrid known as the Cheetoh. The CFA wont recognize the Cheetoh as it has a small amount of wild blood in it however it has been registered with TICA, under an experimental breed. It has also been recognised by UFO, United Feline Organization in 2004. Read also: Singapura Cat Breed Information.

Food the Cheetoh eats?

A good healthy diet is important in keeping your cats body strong, fit and healthy. This can be done by providing suitable foods such as biscuit foods, tined foods, meat weather its raw or cooked and if your cat is allowed outside they will hunt for small prey them selves such as birds and mice.

Is the Cheetoh an indoor or outdoor cat?

The Cheetoh is very capable of looking after its self if let outside, if kept inside, he or she will need plenty of attention. 

Does the Cheetoh have health problem?

With regular trips to the vet to insure good health, the Cheetoh if looked after properly should lead a long healthy life. For more Information about cheetoh cat breed, click here.

Cheetoh Cat Breed Facts


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