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California Spangled Cat Breed

California Spangled Cat Breed Information
California Spangled Cat

California Spangled Cat Temperament 

    The California Spangled cat is:
  • Affectionate.
  • Social.
  • Curious.
  • Can be vocal or quiet.

Where does the California Spangled Cat come from?

The California Spangled cat comes from a lot of hard work by Paul Arnold Casey, Jr from California. Read also: Cheetoh Cat Breed Information.

What type of Body does the California Spangled Cat have i.e. coat, patterns etc?

The California Spangled cat's body is:
  • Strong.
  • Round body.
  • Short, spotted coat.
  • Long body.
  • Lean.
  • Muscular.
  • Spots can be round, triangular, oval or even square.
  • The California Spangled cat has a very expressive face.
  • Almond shaped eyes.
  • Expressive eyes.
  • Colours very from gold, brown and a blue in snow leopards.
  • Long paws that are very strong.
  • Pretty long tail.
  • The tail is thick all the way to the tip.

History of the California Spangled Cat

The California Spangled cat came about when in the 1970's a Leopard had been killed by poachers, and anthropologist Louis Leakey convinced Paul Arnold Casey Jr from California to breed and creat a domestic cat that would resemble a leopard but in miniature. He used domestic cats such as:
  • Abyssinians.
  • American and British Short hair's.
  • Siamese.
  • Spotted cats from Egypt and Malaysia.

Using these cats for breeding, he created a miniature domestic leopard looking cat in 1986. Read also: Chartreux Cat Breed Information.

Food the California Spangled Cat eats

The California Spangled cat will eat normal cat foods whether it’s a tined food or biscuit. You must always follow recommended feeding guidelines for your breed of cat.

Is the California Spangled Cat an indoor or outdoor cat?

The California Spangled cat is very rare and expensive so it may be a good idea to keep him or her inside. They get on well with other cats for company but also coupe well with being on their own.

Does the California Spangled Cat have health problem?

The California Spangled cat has no breed related health problems or any other common illnesses, however it is recommended that regular trips be made to your local vet to make sure your cat is in good health. For more Information about california spangled cat breed, click here.

California Spangled Cat Facts


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