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Scottish Fold Cat Breed

Scottish Fold Cat

Scottish Fold

Scottish fold cats have become increasingly popular domestic pets throughout the United States.
Most of them are fairly small cats with curved bodies and rounded heads. Sometimes their necks are smaller, their eyes are larger, and they look quiet and charming.

Scottish Folds can be both long or short-haired, and as well they may have any coat color blend aside from Siamese or Himalayan points. Long haired cats are often known as Highland Folds. Scottish Folds are vibrant, robust cats, much like their barnyard forebears. They can be quite simple to care for and in some cases the long hair type needs minimal care. They live for about 15 years, and moreover they generally enjoy a comfortable home life.

Scottish Folds, whether or not with flattened ears or standard ears, are likely to be good natured, and are also distinctive for resting on their backside. Scottish Folds commonly make mild noises and offer an elaborate assortment of meows and purrs not found in other varieties. Scottish Fold cats adapt well to small children and other cats and dogs and so are commonly reserved, but quite well mannered with guests. An additional interesting quirk which is exclusive to Scottish Fold cats, is their unique ability to sit straight, on their own hind end with their back legs straight, similar to a furred Buddha.

Interestingly enough, Scottish Fold cats might also have upright ears, and the ones with folded ears can have diverse degrees of folding. The little ears wrinkle frontward and down and appear just like a hat on top of the head on account of an inherited mutation. The very first cats only had a solitary fold in their ears, but because of selective mating they've increased the fold into a dual or triple crease which causes the ear to lay absolutely flat on the head. Given that the Scottish Fold’s creased / folded ear gene is dominant, just about all Scottish Fold cats will need to have no less than one folded ear parent to have flattened ears as well. When they're first born, all Scottish Folds have got straight ears and in a matter of 3 to 4 weeks, the breeders discover which cats will certainly have flattened ears, and the ones that probably won't. Read also: Donskoy or Don Syphynx Cat Breed Information.

History of the breed

Susie is the first Scottish Fold. This cat is discovered by William and Mary Ross on a Scottish farm. A few years later, Susie gives birth to several kittens, all of which have this same characteristic: folded ears. The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy registers these kittens. The breed had a little trouble developing, as some malformations appeared, especially in the limbs and the tail. Finally, the problem went away after crossing with the British Shorthair.

The Scottish Fold was subsequently no longer accepted in England. But Mary Ross had managed to export this cat across the Atlantic. In the United States, the Scottish Fold was immediately successful. In France, this breed of cat appeared in the 1980s. It is now perfectly adopted by all households.


The Scottish Fold is a big eater. He loves food. However, it is prone to obesity. It will therefore be necessary to monitor his diet and stick to the strictest portions. He will not hesitate to ask for food outside of his meal periods. You have to give in as little as possible. Some kibbles have a greater contribution than others. It should be given, even if they can be a little more expensive to buy. Besides, it must also have water available all day.

Physical features

  • His body: The Scottish Fold has a muscular and compact body. Its limbs are rather short compared to the rest of the body, which can give it a stocky appearance.  
  • Its color: All colors are accepted by standards, except for chocolate, lilac and colourpoint. Often the Scottish Fold presents a solid caot, even if some are spotted or striped.

Scottish Fold Cat Breed

  • His coat: Two varieties of breed exist. Scottish Fold have short hair, while Highland Fold has medium hair. Below, the 2 have a fairly thick undercoat.    
  • Her head: The Scottish Fold has a rather round, broad head with full cheeks. His nose is short. Note that the males offer quite powerful jowls. The shape of his muzzle gives him a constant smile.
  • His ears: The ears of the Scottish are Fold, that is to say folded forward. Which makes it special.
  • Her eyes: Her eyes are constantly alert and fairly wide. Their color is brilliant. 


Her folded ears make her beauty but also her weakness. In fact, they can develop a bone and cartilage disease called osteochondrodysplasia. This results in disabling osteoarthritis which mainly affects kittens. In fact, cats can present the deformities in the limbs, tail. They may be unable to move, jump or have difficulty moving. The most serious cases are affected by irreversible paralysis. Do not forget to have him vaccinated against rabies, typhus, leukosis and coryza, like all his congeners.

To protect yourself from these risks and insure your companion in the event of health problems, Woopets advises you a Scottish Fold cat insurance.

Behavior and character

The Scottish Fold is a cat considered to be Zen, calm and relaxed . He shows no ounce of aggressiveness. He shows himself thoughtful, poised . Seeing it remains very restful because it does not stir much, except when it comes to playing with children. He doesn't like being upset. He is gentle, reliable and very friendly. In addition, he is sociable with humans and other animals, with whom he agrees to share his territory. A fan of hugs, he loves being pampered by his owner. It is an ideal pet cat.

Living conditions

The Scottish Fold is not resistant to country life. It will surely be more comfortable in an apartment or in a house with a small garden. As long as he can have his moments of tranquility and calm, but also have retained daily habits.

Life expectancy

The life expectancy of a Scottish Fold is between 13 and 15 years.

Maintenance and hygiene

Hair care for the Scottish Fold is relatively easy. A weekly brushing is largely sufficient.

Particular attention should be paid to the folded ears of the Scottish Fold. Indeed, they must be checked and cleaned regularly to avoid contamination of ear parasites. The veterinarian will show you how to avoid damaging your cat's ear canal. The given product should be applied to cotton but never cotton swabs. For more details and information about Scottish Fold Cat Breed, click here.

Scottish Fold Cat Facts


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